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Disrupt With Pride

8" Shorts

A secret back pocket, butt-shaping seams and super soft fabrics make these... 

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Freda Power X Mermaids

Embracing your life beyond binaries is an act of bravery and fierceness.

That's why this Trans Awareness Month, we could not be prouder to work with Mermaids UK. Mermaids support trans and gender-non-confirming youth and their values are deeply intertwined with our own.

To continue supporting our community, we have pledged to donate a percentage of donations from our Black Friday sale, directly to Mermaids.

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Freda Power Sustainable Activewear UK Disrupt Campaign Image with Founder Emily

Our Story So Far

Freda Power is founded by Emily Loftman. A Queer woman from Yorkshire. This is her story.

As someone who didn’t acknowledge or accept my own Queerness until I was 27, I’ve been determined to do my Community proud and to make up for those lost years of not knowing my true self. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way.

Freda Power was created to show that LGBTQ+ folks deserve to take up space in all scenarios and settings, especially ones in which we are rarely celebrated.

Freda Power will show up for you, time and time again, with Radical Inclusion and #WithPride.

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Supportive Tops

The Zip That Holds EVERYTHING Together.

Even If You're Struggling To.

Menswear? Womenswear? Femmewear.

Powerful, Supportive and Freeing, Freda Power envelopes you in your dream state of existence. Beyond binaries, we encourage you to embrace your full bloom of freedom.

Our activewear encourages you to embrace movement, with joy and With Pride.

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